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There are many Solar companies in Pakistan available but Panatech Electronic having expertise in UPS (Domestic and Industrial) and Solar Energy System with several satisfied clients. We provide servicing UPS since in 1997. Panatech Electronics is a renowned company in the energy product, engineeing, installation and maintenance, sales and services occuping (S3 covered). Solar Energy has been a serious source of energy for many years because of the amounts of energy that are made freely available from the sun. As many of us have experienced rolling blackouts, power outage and these instance are happening multiple items on a regular basis. Now may be the best time to really explore the advantage of Panatech Electronics energy as,
  • After initial investment, all the electricity you produce is free;
  • Cost of solar panels are decresing while efficiency is increasing;
  • Solar panels have life of 20-30 years
  • Virtually no maintenance and no recurring costs.
  • Ideal for remote locations that cannot be tied to the grid.
Panatech Electronics provides solar energy products for your home that can help improve your home's comfort and market value. You'll enjoy the benefits of little or no maintenance, long product life and excellent reliability of our solar system equipment. We offer internationally acclimed products in solar technology and have the network and resources price for our customers.


Single source one window turnkey solution for your Energy needs.


Masjid / Residential Projects / Offices / Restaurants / Schools / Shops

Solar System

Residential Projects, Masjid, Commercial Buildings and Large Scale Industrial Solution


Pre-Sales and Post-Sales and after sales services by qualified professional engineers.


Pre-Sales and Post-Sales and after sales services by qualified professional engineers.

Backup Service

24 Hours x 7 days backup service.


  • 5 years replacement warranty for solar panels
  • 1 year factory warranty for inverter.
  • 1 year workmanship warranty.

Best Solar Plans

We have designed some readymade Solar Plans on the basis of common Inquiries and it can be customized for your need

  • 1 Kva Yards 60 - 120
  • 10 Kva Yards 500 - 1000
  • 20 Kva Yards 1500 - 2000

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Panatech Electronics

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